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Why You NEED to Take a Break.

I use to have this mindset to “push” and keep going - no matter what. I felt my success was determined by the fact I wouldn’t quit and wouldn’t stop.

But sometimes… It can be a good thing to quit. Seth Godin wrote a book called The Dip, which teaches you when to stick - or when to quit. Reading it changed my life.

Of course, I’m not referencing completely quitting something, I’m referencing taking a break. In my life, I have chosen to do this periodically. Taking breaks from things like coffee, alcohol, friends, possessions, social media, phones, etc.

I even quit/took a break from college to pursue my passions. It so far has been the best decision and found a career path I love because of it.

Taking a break, stopping or quitting something isn’t a bad thing, it's the best thing.

A good example is author Travis Bradberry in Quartz: states researchers found, the ideal work rhythm was 52 minutes of work time followed by a 17-minute break. But how many companies follow this?

Meditation is also a great example of taking a break and “stopping” to recenter and focus the mind. But how many people practice this?

With Minimalism and discarding things… I think of it as “taking a break”. You’re taking a break from the things that control you and maybe someday you’ll be ready for these things again. But right now you don’t need them. - and you’re better off without them.

What is something you’re holding onto… that you might need to take a break from?

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